Why is preventative maintenance on machine tools so important?

To sum it up in one word: money.

It has been JBM’s experience that most machine down time is a direct result of inadequate maintenance, and we all know if your equipment isn’t running, you’re losing money. According to Siemens’ report on the True Cost of Downtime 2022, the annual cost of downtime among Fortune Global 500 companies is $129 million per facility, up 65% from their last survey in 2019.

If you think this isn’t you- know that participants in this survey averaged 25 hours a month in down time. Now multiply that by one of your machine’s average hourly revenue - is that a number your shop can afford to lose?


How Can You Minimize Overall Downtime?

Usually, if you’re calling JBM, something happened. Your machine has alarmed out, you need a new part, or there has been a full-on crash. Together, we canMachine Tool Preventative Maintenance change this.

Instead, call JBM to schedule preventative maintenance on your equipment. It’s easy to prevent down time by planning ahead. You can schedule PMs to be performed at times your shop is generally slow, or if a machine is between jobs. Most machine tool builders recommend performing PMs up to two times a year. JBM will service and perform maintenance on all lines that we represent.  

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Just like with cars, machine tools require oil changes, inspections, and regular cleanings based on time or mileage. Machine tools running at full speed for 8 hours a day will eventually fail unless properly serviced at regular intervals. Unlike reactive maintenance, preventative maintenance is schedule ahead of time to find, fix, and resolve problems before they start. At JBM, we make every effort to restore the machine back to its original factory specifications. Our engineers will check every item on our own Preventative Maintenance Check List.

We look over and perform maintenance on your machine’s:

·      Headstock

·      Tool Changer

·      All Axes

·      Hydraulics

·      Electrics

·      Pneumatics

·      Other Misc. Filters, Oils, and Lubricants

*All parts such as oil, filters, way-lube, control panel lights, along with any other parts deemed required during the PM are the responsibility of the customer. Our engineer will discuss this with you prior to replacing or ordering. We will order necessary parts ahead of time to minimize the length downtime due to the PM.


Want to perform Preventative Maintenance In-House?

JBM maintains a comprehensive technical support library for some of our top machine brands, including our very own Preventative Maintenance Checklist.

You can view our Support Library here.

We hope to hear from you soon!