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Automatic Intelligent Machine Management in Real-Time


The Problem: Company secures contract for complex machined components. Needs opportunity to eliminate costly and difficult downstream operations, and needs the ability to handle offset adjustment in-process to accomplish this. Human intervention becoming too costly in both time and variability of math involved.

Specifics: 32 fixture stations of various operations exist in a 4-axis pallet changing machining center. 
Cycle Time: 6 hours. 
Features Managed: 300 unique dimensions per part. Multiple features stacked and calculated to provide product function. Post heat treatment surface grinding operation desired to be eliminated. 

Material Condition: Our engineers discovered that downstream operations and complex post-heat treat steps could be eliminated by applying a special process to the incoming material. this did not compromise the end properties, but did maintain print compliance and was cost effective. 

Utlizing a Machining Automation Package we created, the company was able to eliminate thermal growth. This utilizes Renishaw Inspection Plus Macros. Custom calculations and implementation by us, as well. 

Code Package Added: All fixtures stations switchable to on/off custom offsets possible for individual features via macro adjustment. 
Cylcle and cost per cut reduced by appluing scientific cutting approaches. Quality increased through perfected cutting parameters. 

Down time decreased, value increased, predictability achieved.