Category: Grinders
Make: Weldon
Model: 1632 CNC Grinder

  Workpiece orientation                                      Horizontal
Maximum part diameter                                      16” (406mm)
Maximum part length                                          32” (813mm)
Worktable travel                                                 26” (660mm)
Work height                                                        42” (1067mm)
Maximum work weight between centers             1200 lbs. (544kg)
Maximum mounted weight                                 700 lbs. (318kg)
Minimum work diameter                                    0”(0.0mm)
Motor                                                                  4.7 hp (3.5kw)
Speed range                                                        0-600 rpm
Number of speeds                                              Infinite
Spindle nose, ASME standard                             6” A2
Center taper                                                        #5 Morse
Through-hole diameter                                       1.0625” (26.922mm)
Spindle diameter                                                 4.7 (119mm)
Motor                                                                  10 hp (7.46kw)
Speed                                                                  1750 rpm
Wheel size, maximum                                        16’ x 3” x 5” (406mm x 76mm x 127mm)
Wheel size, minimum                                         10” (254mm)
Travel, maximum                                               15.7” (399mm)
Center taper                                                        #5 Morse
Quill retraction                                                    1.5” (38mm)
Quill retraction method                                       Lever
Axis Slides:
Electric servo-drives                                           1.2 hp (0.9kw)
Precision ground, preloaded double-nutted ball screws     1.5” (38mm)
Command resolution                                          0.000010” (0.00025mm)
Position feedback resolution                               0.000001” (0.000025mm)
Repeatability at 6 sigma, total                                            0.00010” (0.0025mm)
Bearings (optional hydrdostatic)                         Preloaded recirculating roller
Way construction                                                Hardened and ground
Wheel and workhead spindles             Grease-sealed
Bearings, ball screw, nuts                    Automatic positive centralized oil
Width (with table travel)                      128.5” (3264mm)
Depth for shipping                               98” (2490mm)
Depth (with slide travel)                      127” (3225mm)
Height                                                  85” (2159mm)
Weight                                                 15,500 lbs. (7030kg)
Optional Expansion to:
Maximum part diameter                       25” (636mm)
Maximum part length                           48” (1219mm)

Location: Western Branch