Category: Sinker EDM
Make: Kent
Model: 304N

Year: 1992
Max Output Current: 30 AMP 
Work Tank: 2 x 20 x 14" 
Work Table: 24 X 12" 
Travel (X / Y / Z / Ram): 12/8/7/8" 
Max Quill to Table: 18.5" 
Max Electrode: 110 lbs 
Max Work Load: 1100 lbs 
Max Stock Removal: 200 mm3/min 
Best Surface Finish: Ra 0.33 mmRa 
Best Electrode Wear: < 0.25% 
Dielectric Tank: 250 L (66 Gal.) 
Net Weight: 2200 lbs

30 Amp power supply capacity

Fully ribbed solid castings for maximum rigidity and stability

Mitutoyo 3-axis DRO system for positioning

Precision linear ways with oil immersed ball screw and DC Servo motor on Z-axis

Power rapid Ram up/down traverse motor

Centralized one-shot lubrication system provides lubrication to all points



Location: Western Branch