Meet Hanwha JBM’s Partners in Precision Swiss Machining

Get to know Hanwha Corporation- a Fortune 500 company and #1 Swiss Machine supplier in many countries across the globe! Growing 12.5% in 2022 within the USA, they’re getting more and more recognition from the manufacturing elite as a leader in Swiss style machining centers.

Hanwha is a Korean corporation that started in 1952 after World War II with the philanthropic goal to aid in the rebuild of South Korea’s economy.Business portfolio diversification was paramount, and the company expanded into major infrastructure industries such as chemical and materials, machinery, energy, and finance. Hanwha broke into the machine tool business in 1977 to focus on product development for their other divisions such as Hanwha Aerospace, Hanwha Ocean, and Hanwha Systems.


Since securing the technical advantage in their market by developing Korea’s first multi-tasking automatic lathes and turret-type lathes in 1998, they’ve been focusing on producing a dynamic line-up of advanced gang and turret type lathes to best fit their customer’s various needs. A career highlight was creating the first CNC automatic lathe in Korea in 1983.

Now, through their globalization efforts and expansions into the US, Europe, and China, Hanwha is the 7th largest conglomerate in South Korea. They’re actively focused on developing customized machine tool products through constant investments to meet their customers’ machining and production requirements. Machines range from 10mm to θ42mm, 4 axes to 7 axes, and various options of complex tooling with a highly rigid machine structure that can achieve highly complex and precise machining.

What does this mean for you?

Hanwha is dedicated to solving problems in the manufacturing industry by offering the US market highly complex and precise gang and turret type lathes that offer a maximum return on investment. The time studies that JBM has done in partnership with Hanwha have beaten the competition’s machines each time, making these lathes the best value for the highest quality.

JBM has Hanwha machines in stock in both our JBM East (Philadelphia) and JBM Ohio (Cleveland) locations, so schedule a time to come take a look!

Check out the cutting demo from JBM’s Booth at the 2023 Precision Machining Technology Show here.(link is external)