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Milling Machines

Table Length: 52”
Table Width: 12”
Spindle nose to table Max: 17.5”
X Axis Travel: 30”
Y Axis Travel: 12”
Z Axis Travel: 5”
Vertical Head Attachment Angle: 90 Degree Only
Spindle Speeds: 1 – 1,500 RPM
Spindle Taper: 40
Spindle Diameter: 4”
Number of spindles: 1
Spindle Motor: 5 HP
Power Supply Amp Req.: 30 AMP
Power Requirements: 230/3/60
Size: 69”L – 69”W – 73”H
Anayak Manufactured
Combination Vertical Horizontal Head
Arbor Support

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"I’m very, very pleased with JBM, for both used and new machines. They take care of all the problems. Always willing to help and make suggestions, how to make changes to go faster and their customer service is excellent. The owner will even get on the phone with you to solve problems so you don’t have to wait for service. "
Dave Chiocchi