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Maier Swiss

ML20 C2

Year:  2004
Fanuc Controller

Guide Bush                         22.001

Rapid Speed                        32m / min

Coolant Capacity                   240 L


Main Spindle

Spindle Bore                       20 mm

Head stock stroke                  220 mm

Spindle Speed                      8000 U/min

Power Rating                       3,7 / 5,5 kw

Driven Tools                       3

Driven tool positions              6pcs  12 x 12

Collet                             145E


Opposed Spindle

Spindle Bore                      20 mm

Head stock stroke                 230 mm

Spindle Speed                     8000 U/min

Power Rating                      2,5 kw

Driven Tools                      1

Collet                            145E

Equipped With:

Bar Feeder

Coolant Tank

High Pressure Pump

Weight                        8378 Lbs
Size                            L 91” x W 60” x H 75”
FOB:  Western PA

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