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LK Machinery TC-510 VMC w/ Mitsubishi M70 Control

LK Machinery

LK Machinery TC-510 VMC w/ Mitsubishi M70 Control

    Travel (X-axis): 20.1"
    Travel (Y-axis): 16.1"
    Travel (Z-axis): 13.8"
    Table work area: 25.6"x16.17"
    Distance between table surface to spindle: 20.1"
    Spindle Speed Max.: 10,000 RPM
    Spindle Motor (Cont. / 30 min): 5.0 / 7.5 HP
    Spindle Taper: CT-30
    Rapid Traverse Rate (X,Y,Z): 2,362 Ipm
    Table Load Capacity: 550 lbs
    Cutting Feed rate: 393 Ipm
    Tool Magazine Capacity: 14
    Tool Selection System: Random Access/ Bi-directional
    Tool Diameter, Max. (adjacent pockets empty): 3.1"
    Tool Length, Max.: 7.8"
    Tool Weight, Max.: 6.6 lbs.
    Tool Retention Stud: MAS-1
    Overall Machine Height: 94.5"
    Required Floor Space: 66.x 98.4"
    Net Weight: 5,510 lbs.
    Machine Accuracy
    Positioning - Full Travel: +/-0.0002"
    Repeatability: +0.00012"

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    Ron Petrovich