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1998 Milltronics MB20-A 3 Axis CNC Bed Mill


Year: 1998                    Control: Centurion VI

Table Size                                 16" x 54"

Max Table Load                        3,000 lbs

X-Axis Travel                             38"

Y-Axis Travel                             20"

Z-Axis Travel                             24"

Spindle Quill Travel                    5”

Spindle Quill Dia                       4.125”

Spindle to Column                     20”

Spindle to Table                        2” to 26”

Spindle Taper                            40 Standard

Spindle Speed                          Programmable 60 to 5000RPM

Feed Rate Range                      0 – 200 IPM

Rapid Traverse Rate                  200 IPM

Machine Weight                         6,000 lbs

Machine Dimensions                 60"L x 76"W x 82"H

"I’m very, very pleased with JBM, for both used and new machines. They take care of all the problems. Always willing to help and make suggestions, how to make changes to go faster and their customer service is excellent. The owner will even get on the phone with you to solve problems so you don’t have to wait for service. "
Dave Chiocchi