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Preventative Maintenance Program

JBM has a “Preventative Maintenance Program” designed specifically for today’s Machining and Turning Centers.

It has been our experience that most machine down time is a direct result of inadequate maintenance.

Let us help you minimize your machine down time by performing “Preventative Maintenance” on your machine(s). This program is tailored to finding, fixing and resolving problems before they start. We make every effort to restore the machine to its original factory specifications.

Our engineer will check item by item and perform routine maintenance for you in a timely manner. Proper maintenance of your machine will help you to avoid costly down time.

All machine tool manufacturers recommend Preventative Maintenance on their machines up to two times a year. We service and perform maintenance on the machines tools that we sell with Full Factory Support.

We would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.

"I’m very, very pleased with JBM, for both used and new machines. They take care of all the problems. Always willing to help and make suggestions, how to make changes to go faster and their customer service is excellent. The owner will even get on the phone with you to solve problems so you don’t have to wait for service. "
Dave Chiocchi