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Celebrating over 30 years of service!

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JBM Technologies is Expanding into Northeastern Ohio

Our Founder Started His Career Here, and Now He's Back

What does that mean for you? JBM Technologies has been in business for over 35 years and we're bringing that experience to Northern Ohio. We sell new and used reliable, rugged machines from the best brands that can withstand even the most challenging manufacturing requirements. It’s not the machines we sell, but the support, tools and services we provide that will once again make us the partner of choice in Northeast Ohio. Through our Resource Center, we offer free industry leading technical expertise, live customer support and one of the largest online stores in the Northeast.


Streamline your manufacturing processes from design to delivery with integrated solutions

We understand that the solution is more than the machine – it’s understanding how to set up the process, create the tooling and service it if problems arise. At JBM Technologies we are experts at developing those processes, designing solutions, facilitating training, and fostering dialogue between customer requirements and manufacturing. Our integrated solutions can give you a competitive advantage by helping to improve your manufacturing operation.


JBM Technologies Resource Center

The most comprehensive support and solution partner for manufacturing facilities

  • Large online store and Resources Center (Coming Soon)
  • Over a million dollars of parts in stock
  • Full staff of Applications and Service Engineers available
  • The only regional firm with two strategically located Showrooms
  • “Demo Centers” so you can see the latest technology and perform engineering reviews
  • Fully staffed engineering center to respond to your immediate needs
  • Customer Support
  • Financing
  • Machine trade in program
  • Training


Service and support to meet your every need

Manufacturing solutions that allow our partners to run 24 hours a day, every day.

  • Level One Support - Live Support by phone from our Customer Service
  • Level Two Support - Order parts from our large on hand inventory
  • Level Three Support - Service response, always within 24 hours



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"I buy from JBM because of their technical experience and honesty.  John and his people have great knowledge of machine tools and the market and have a willingness to share what they know. "
Lon Sippy