More than 50 years manufacturing CNC horizontal lathes

Series “M”, “A”, and “B” were the corner stones for the manufacture of Gurutzpe conventional pararell lathes.

In 1961 Gurutzpe makes their very first lathe. It is “M1” model with 1.500 mm between centres and with a 390 mm bed width. It was sold to our first customer Talleres Enteriza, in Barcelona. Two years after the “A” model is made. It was a lathe with a wider bed (540 mm). This lathe will give way in 1968 to the “Super A” model and in 1975 to the definitive “Super AT”.  The “M1” model from the 60s gives way to the “M2”, turning into model “Super M” in 1972.  From 1962 to 1975 more than 2400 lathes from our series “A” and “M” were manufactured.  On the other hand, in 1968 a new and bigger lathe is started to be made which will set the example for the peer lathes, it was the Super B model. It was a lathe with 800 mm bed width. This lathe will turn into the Super-BT model.  Before taking the definitive step to the manufacturing of CNC lathes, several variants to the conventional lathes appeared with more sophisticated standard equipement, the RT-API model (threading with automatic cycle).Thel Super BT model was also designed with an electric copier which interpolated the “X” and “Z” axis, This model was a key one for rollers machining and the wheels from the trains up til the development of the CNC.  The new era of Gurutzpe as CNC lathe manufacturer is started in the Machine Tools Exhibition in Bilbao in 1972. We showed there the first CNC lathe in Spain, it was the TF-215 model. It was a frontal lathe in order to machine pieces on the air.
It was in 1980 when we started to to manufacture CNC lathes in mass production. The first model to be designed was thel “A-1000” model (1.981) Afterwards the “M-640”, “B-1400” and “B-1800/3” models were born.
In 1986 Gurutzpe Gurutzpe manufacturer the first slant lathe, model A-800 CNC, a lathe that was very popular. Due to the great success, we manufactured another one with less capacity: MS-500 CNC model.
Nowadays, the A and B series comprise our productive range with turning capacities up to diameter 2.400 mm over bed. The diameter, lenght and weight of the piece to be machined are the features that determine the ideal model for the customer´s need.